Innojet Granulator: Precision in Granulation Technology

Romaco Innojet is an innovation leader for drying, granulation and coating with a range of high-efficiency processing solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Romaco Innojet's VENTILUS® series is based on the air flow bed technology originally developed and internationally patented by Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin.



How does a fluid bed dryer work?

A fluid bed dryer utilizes fluidization to dry particles efficiently. It suspends material in a heated air stream, promoting rapid moisture evaporation. As the air rises, it carries particles, ensuring uniform drying. This method offers precise temperature control, reduced drying times, and optimal product quality for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

What is granulation?

Granulation is a process that transforms powders into granules, enhancing their flow properties, compressibility, and uniformity. Wet granulation involves mixing powders with a liquid binder to form agglomerates. The mixture is then dried to remove moisture, resulting in granules suitable for tablet manufacturing. Romaco offers advanced High Shear Granulator for pharmaceutical production.

What is a fluid bed processor in pharmaceutical industry?

A fluid bed processor in the pharmaceutical industry is a versatile equipment used for drying, granulating, and coating applications. It employs a fluidized bed dryer to suspend and agitate particles in a controlled airflow. This promotes efficient heat transfer, ensuring uniform drying and coating for pharmaceutical products, enhancing quality and efficiency in production. Romaco offers advanced fluid bed processors tailored for pharmaceutical manufacturing needs.

What is a fluid bed coating?

In the pharmaceutical industry, a fluid bed coater is a vital equipment for coating processes. It functions by suspending and coating solid particles with a liquid or powder. This facilitates uniformity and control over particle size, density, and coating thickness, ensuring product quality and consistency in pharmaceutical manufacturing.