Differenet shapes and sizes of tablets

In tableting, additionally to the classic shapes such as round and oblong, there are more and more different, unusual tablet shapes and sizes. For example, in veterinary medicine or in the confectionery sector, applications in form of large tablets are required more and more frequently. Due to the unusual sizes of these tablets, tablet manufacturers encounter challenges such as uneven filling of the dies or different tablet hardnesses due to the high filling volumes and longer filling times of the dies. 

Your challenges

  • Capping or lamination of tablets during the process or during ejection of the tablets

  • High sticking tendency due to large punch head surface

  • Low hardness of tablets

  • High fragility of tablets

  • Uneven filling of the die

  • Long filling time of dies

  • High start-up losses

Our solutions

  • Fill shoe with large dosing and re-dosing chambers

  • Special paddle wheels for optimized filling of the dies

  • Separately adjustable speed of paddle wheel

  • Dedicated tooling for difficult compressible products

  • Three press stations for effective compression force distribution

  • Special tablet chute for damage-free tablet ejection

What you can expect

  • No capping or lamination issues

  • Optimal hardness of tablets -> due to compression force up to 110 kN

  • No breakage of tablets

  • Even filling of the die 

  • Increased product quality

  • Reduced start-up losses

  • Use of our test laboratory KiTech to test your application



Products with huge dimensions are your challenge?

Our test laboratory KiTech can help you find the right customised Kilian solution. Moreover, our KiTech supports you e.g. with speed demonstrations and optimisation as well as analyses and optimisation of existing tableting processes.