Blister packaging solutions for hospital packs

For packing a large amount of blisters into cartons and packing stacks of blisters effectively, safely and flexibly

Your challenges

  • Increasing production rate

  • Need of flexible stacks of blisters from standard to hospital packs

  • Cost effective production

  • Need for high count of blisters into cartons

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Small production area

  • Sustainable production

Our solution

  • Hospital and dispenser packs as well as standard blister cartons can be produced on one machine with low effort for change-over

  • Most flexible solution for packing high counts of blisters into cartons
  • Easy change-over between standard cartons and hospital/dispenser packs
  • Low-cost carton design
  • Very limited waste during production
  • Cost effective production regarding material costs and operational safety
  • 15-20 blisters per carton with a variety of different blister dimensions and counts per carton

  • Efficient way to produce large amount of blisters fully automatic
  • Suitable for display packs of blisters with a slider at the bottom to release one blister at a time
  • Production of standard blister cartons with low counts
  • Display can be produced with a stacking height of up to 250 mm
  • Provides semi-automatic solution for displays higher than 250 mm

What you can expect

  • Safe, flexible and gentle product handling

  • Use of our PacTech laboratory to test your applications

  • One machine to pack a large number of blisters

Possible line solution consisting of

Blister machine and cartoner (Noack Unity 500)

Application Notes

Hospital and Dispenser Packs

We offer various automated blister line solutions for packing a large amount of blisters in carton.

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Large count of blisters to pack?

You need to pack a large count of blisters in a carton? Our PacTech laboratory can help you find the right customised Noack Solution. Moreover, our PacTech supports you e.g. with speed demonstrations as well as existing blister packaging analyses.