Eco trays for multiple products packing

Hospital care products such as vaccines and injectable antibiotics are largely packed as multiple doses inside one single carton.

Considering this type of packaging configuration, it is mandatory to protect each single glass vial from potential damage or breakage.

Ecotrays are nowadays pharmaceutical companies preferred solution for multiple packing: they are cost-effective, sustainable, and of wide applicability.

Your packing challenges

  • Multiple glass vials inside one carton

  • Hospital packs of multi-dose injectables such as vaccines or antibiotics

  • Steadily handling standing vials throughout the whole packaging and distribution process

  • Minimizing or avoiding the use of plastic, even recycled plastic which has significant costs

  • Including patient information leaflet in the package

  • Preventing damages to the product

Our solutions

  • Products assessment and development of ad hoc ecotray design and configuration

  • Automatic erection and feeding of ecotrays as part of the packaging process

  • Ecotrays unit integrated within the cartoning machine

  • Many possible configurations of multiple vials

  • Intermittent motion solutions for low/medium speed requirements

  • Continuous motion solutions for high-speed productions

  • Possibility to integrate leaflet/booklet infeed

  • Possibility to integrate vision system of choice to monitor each process step and inspect products integrity



Safely packing multiple glass vials

Handling multiple glass vials for vaccine and antibiotics for hospital care?

Romaco Promatic ecotray feeding system, integrated in medium and high-speed cartoning lines, is the cost-effective, sustainable and efficient solution to securely pack your goods.