Heat Recovery System – CFE (Cross-Flow Heat Exchanger)

In the world of industrial processes, finding ways to save energy, reduce costs, and be more eco-friendly is vital. The Innojet Heat Recovery System, using a crossflow heat exchanger plate, can help you achieve this. It works by transferring heat from the outgoing air to the incoming air directly. This innovative system can save you between 13% and 55% of your energy, making it a game-changer for more efficient and sustainable production.

Your challenges

If you're dealing with energy-intensive processes that are driving up your costs, struggling with high production expenses, trying to cut down on waste, or looking to be more sustainable, these are the common challenges you might be facing:

  • Energy-Intensive Processes: Many industrial operations require a lot of energy, leading to high costs.
  • High Production Costs: Traditional methods can be expensive, impacting your budget.
  • Waste Reduction: Reducing waste is not only good for the environment but also for your bottom line.
  • Sustainability: Staying eco-friendly during production can be a real challenge.

Our solution

The Innojet Heat Recovery System is here to help. Here's how our solution can address your challenges:

  • Save Energy: Our technology can significantly lower your energy consumption, which means cost savings for you.
  • Lower Costs: By using energy more efficiently, you'll see a reduction in overall production costs.
  • Less Waste: Better energy management and process control can help reduce waste.
  • Recover from up to 13% of energy during Granulation/Drying: For the Granulation/Drying process, our system can recover up to 13% of thermal energy, ensuring that you don't waste any during these applications.
  • Recover from up to 25% of energy during Coating: In coating processes, our system can recover up to 25% of thermal energy, further improving energy efficiency.
  • Up to 55% energy recovery with Hotmelt: For processes that use lower inlet air temperature and lower evaporation rate like Hotmelt, our system can recover an impressive 55% of thermal energy, helping you be more sustainable and cost-effective.
Process Inlet air Oulet air CFE recovery HP Recovery
Granulation 90°C 35°C up to 15% up to 50%
Coating 70°C 45°C up to 25% up to 70%
Hotmelt 45°C 55°C up to 55% up to 75%

What you can expect

In a world where saving energy and embracing eco-friendliness are crucial, the Romaco Innojet Heat Recovery System stands as a simple yet effective solution. This innovative system not only helps reduce costs, minimize waste, and promote sustainability but also tailors energy recovery to your specific applications. Seamlessly aligning with the recent EU CSR Directive amendment, urging companies to prioritize sustainability, Innojet ensures that your production process adheres to responsible and eco-friendly practices. Don't miss the chance to elevate your production efficiency and environmental responsibility. Step into the future with the Innojet Heat Recovery System—a practical solution for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Highlights of Romaco Innojet Fluid Bed Dryer

Designed to perform 3 different processes:

  • Drying of wet granulate (dryer)

  • Granulation by top spraying (granulator)

  • Coating by bottom or tangential spraying (coater)

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