Tableting and heat seal packaging solution for effervescent products

Hygroscopic products are challenging to compress, difficult to store and the fragile effervescent tablets need to be carefully handled not only during feeding, but also throughout the whole manufacturing and packaging process. They’re easily affected by mechanical stress, light, air and moisture.

Your challenges

  • Stability of active ingredients

  • Packaging material

  • Handling of effervescent tablets

  • Sustainable production

  • Capacity requirements

  • Tablet hardness and/or formulation

Our solution

  • Efficient filling systems
  • 3 sets of pressure rollers

  • Gentle and safe transport to the tube filler
  • Dedusting of tablets
  • Tablet separation to avoid breakage

  • Various stations for dust aspiration and elimination of breakages
  • Laminar feeder prevents broken tablets from becoming dislodged in the feeding channels
  • Infeed conveyor with anti-jam belts permits a continuous, smooth product flow to the feed station

  • Extremely precise temperature distribution on the sealing surfaces due to multiple heaters
  • Tightly sealed seams guarantee premium sealing quality
  • Soft compound aluminium foil material
  • Aluminium foil thickness down to ≤ 10 µm
  • Proven cutting, perforation and CR technologies

  • Filling volume on the tablet infeed conveyor can be adjusted independently of specific formats
  • Control of temperature tolerances with various temperature sensors
  • Reproducible processes as parameters are precisely defined
  • Robotic transfer solution allows short retooling time

  • Short heating phase
  • Strip formats and geometries can be varied

What you can expect

  • Safe and gentle product handling

  • Easy and controlled direct connections

  • Use of our laboratory PacTech to test your application

  • One stop solution from powder to palletizer

  • Focus on your product, its properties and the resulting tableting and packaging requirements

Possible line solution consisting of

A tablet press (Kilian KTP 720X), transfer (Kilian TabTrans), strip packaging (Siebler HM1 E), and transfer (Siebler FixTrans)

Fragile and dusty products?

Do you have to process fragile products like effervescent products? Our laboratory PacTech can help you find the right customised Siebler solution. Moreover, our PacTech supports you e.g. with speed demonstrations as well as existing tablets and material analysis.