Paper based strip packaging solution

Strip packaging for efficient and sustainable production

First paper based strip pack!

Your challenges

  • Finding an alternative strip packaging solution to multilayer material containing plastic or aluminium

  • Obligations from governments to use more sustainable and environmental friendly materials

  • More cost effective packaging

Our solution

  • Functional and sustainable alternative to aluminium and PET/PP strip packaging
  • Renewable and certified recyclable material
  • Good protection of the product

  • Large surfaces on both sides for printing
  • Push-through sealed strips in different geometries and designs available
  • Reducing production costs

  • FDA approved material

  • Free of ingredients such as Bisphenol A, photoinitiators, nitrosamines

  • This material meets the requirements of European Directive 94/62/EC

  • Applicable for Pharma/OTC, nutraceuticals

  • …and many more

What you can expect

  • Sustainable strip packaging

  • Convenience - the product itself can be pushed out smoothly

  • Unique look, touch and feel

  • Safe packaging

  • Use of our PacTech laboratory to test your application

Possible line solution consisting of

Heat sealing (Siebler HM1E), machine pick and place transfer (Siebler FlexTrans) and cartoner (Promatic PC 4000)

Application Note

Sustainable strips and push tab strips

Recyclability of packaging: Our paper-based strip foil is verified and certificated by the Institute cyclos-HTP.

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Paper-based strips

Are you looking for a sustainable strip packaging solution? Our PacTech laboratory can help you to find the right customized Siebler Solution. Moreover, our PacTech supports you e.g. with existing paper strip packaging analyses.