Fluid Bed Granulation of Temperature Sensitive Products

Fluid bed granulation is widely used, among other uses, to increase density, flow properties or improve compression properties of powders. During the granulation process it is necessary to dry the granules when spraying or until the final grade of humidity would be reached. But some products may be temperature sensitives and became degraded if a certain temperature threshold is reached, i.e., Ibuprofen.

Your challenges

  • Control on the process temperature

  • Proper fluidization of the powder during the process

  • Control of evaporation range

  • Reproducibly of the density and strength of agglomerates

Our solution

  • Classic Fluid granulator offers robust and reproducible granulation process

  • Drying capabilities are improved with Air Handling units (AHI) equipped with dehumidification systems

  • Particle residence times in the lower part of the product bowl are reduced using tangential cyclone blowers

Highlights of Romaco Innojet Fluid Bed Dryer

Designed to perform 3 different processes:

  • Drying of wet granulate (dryer)

  • Granulation by top spraying (granulator)

  • Coating by bottom or tangential spraying (coater)

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