Siebler's Versatile Packaging: Strips, Pouches & Rigid Tubes

Romaco Siebler is a leading international supplier of strip and rigid tube packaging machines. Customers rely on the excellent primary packaging technologies for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical products and drugstore items. Complete system solutions for innovative and unique packaging concepts are custom engineered by Romaco Siebler on a modular design basis.


What is the strip packaging?

Strip packaging is a form of unit-dose packaging where pharmaceutical or healthcare products are sealed between two layers of plastic film. These sealed units are arranged in a strip and can be easily torn or peeled off for individual use. It's commonly used for tablets, capsules, or lozenges, ensuring protection, portability, and precise dosage delivery. For more details, visit: Siebler strip packaging machine HM 1

What is the capacity of a rigid tube filling machine?

Rigid tube filling machines have varying capacities depending on the model and design. They can typically handle a wide range of tube sizes and fill volumes, catering to different production needs. For specific details on capacity and capabilities of tube filling machines, please refer to the information provided at Romaco: Siebler STF 120

What are the advantages of strip packing machine?

Strip packing machines offer several advantages in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging. They ensure precise dosing, protect products from contamination and moisture, and enhance shelf-life. Moreover, strip packaging enhances portability and convenience for consumers. To explore more about the advantages of strip packing machines, visit the Romaco: Siebler HM 1E

What is a pouch packaging?

Pouch packaging involves sealing products within flexible containers made of materials like plastic or foil. These pouches come in various shapes and sizes, offering versatility for packaging different products such as powders, liquids, or solids. Pouch packaging is lightweight, cost-effective, and provides excellent barrier properties to maintain product freshness. For further details, refer to Romaco: Siebler HM 3