Applications with large weight gain

Some functional coatings require a large amount of coating to fulfill their purpose and therefore the process may last several hours, e. g. enteric coatings.

Your challenges

  • Increase of bed product level

  • Stops for adjustment of distance between bed and spray gun

  • Lack of homogeneity on coating

  • Lack of effectiveness of the functional coating

Our solution

  • Continuous processes

  • Ongoing monitoring of the distance between bed and gun by SONAR technology

  • Automatic regulation of the spray arm in length and angle

  • 100% without operator errors

Highlights of Romaco Tecpharm Optima coating technology

  • Increases the batch size range from 10% to 100%

  • Optimises the parameter adjustment fully automatically

  • All in the same drum

  • No time-consuming drum changes

  • Automatic arm extension system in terms of distance and angle

  • Automatic adjustment of the tablet bed-spray nozzles distance through continuous sonar monitoring

  • Air path and flow self-adjust according to tablet load for a perfect performance

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