Direct scalable coating processes

In the pharmaceutical industry, equipment flexibility allows direct scale-up from R&D application to pilot scale or even to industrial production. These scale-up procedures usually have to be performed several times during the commercial cycle of most pharmaceutical products

Your challenges

  • Scaling-up manufacturing operations to meet commercial requirements

  • Minimising resources during the scale-up processes

  • Archiving the reproducibility and robustness of the process

  • Finding simple solutions to facilitate changes in registration dossiers

Our solution

  • The Optima technology enables a direct scale-up process from 10% to 100% with a single machine

  • The Optima tablet coater provides easy control of spray ratios, distance between spray gun and tablet bed and self-adjustable path of drying air.

  • The Optima coater series minimises the number of equipment and maximises the use of the GMP surface area.

  • The Optima technology reduces the time required to increase the batch sizes in the commercial area

Highlights of Romaco Tecpharm Optima coating technology

  • Increases the batch size range from 10% to 100%

  • Optimises the parameter adjustment fully automatically

  • All in the same drum, no time-consuming drum changes

  • Automatic arm extension system in terms of distance and angle

  • Automatic adjustment by sonar depending on the level of charge

  • Air path and flow self-adjust according to tablet load for a perfect performance

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