PacTech – the packaging experts

The laboratory PacTech in Karlsruhe, Germany is the expert centre for all your questions relating to primary packaging.

Your packing challenges …

  • Performance improvement of packaging machines

  • Output improvement of packaging machines

  • Choosing fitting materials and forms for packaging products

  • Finding the suitable packaging material

  • Producing stability/marketing test samples

  • Flexible and efficient packaging

  • Sustainable production

Our services

  • Sealing process optimisation to increase positive-fit and force-fit properties

  • Simulation of biaxial forming and calculation of stretch length in relation to foil thickness

  • Consultation regarding packaging design; based on mathematical models and simulation software as well as the relationship to the feed-in properties of the product

  • Individual solutions customised to meet the respective product requirements

  • Design and production of components for direct connection to the downstream and upstream production line

  • Decrease of the use of packaging resources and energy consumption together with using sustainable materials

  • Improvement of the OEE and cutting the costs for packaging materials

  • Strip packaging in different geometries

  • Optional insertion possible of packaging features like desiccant sachets

  • …and many more

Our equipment and features

  • Existing machines can be modified by fitting individual packaging modules to optimise performance

  • Pre-analysis of samples on our existing machines to provide a reference analysis in case of damage

  • Comprehensive knowledge database, simulation tools and test bays

  • Different materials to meet your requirements

  • Expert team

Application note

Format optimisation consultancy

We offer a comprehensive knowledge database and simulation tool to develop your primary packing solution.

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Our expertise covers the whole packaging process. In addition to the PacTech services, we also help you optimise your blister format sizes and implement the most efficient way of feeding the tablets. Furthermore, if required, we support you in placing your machine/line in your own production area.


Tablet press experts


Coating experts

We help you with your specific product, blister / strip / tube filling machine or challenge!

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