Batch size flexibility

In the production area it is common to use the same final blend batch to compress different tablet strengths. Split core batches usually have different shapes and batch sizes, e.g. multi strength products.

Your challenges

  • Risk of assembly errors when changing coating drums

  • Increase in the number of inter-batch cleaning processes, cleaning sampling and cleaning verification

  • Delays in manufacturing process

Our solution

  • No equipment assembly is needed when different batch sizes of the same product are coated

  • Drastic reduction of the inter-batch delay times

  • Increase of productivity when campaigns are carried out with the same product

  • Reduction of errors related to improper assembly of equipment

Highlights of Romaco Tecpharm Optima coating technology

  • Increases the batch size range from 10% to 100%

  • Optimises the parameter adjustment fully automatically

  • All in the same drum

  • No time-consuming drum changes

  • Automatic arm extension system in terms of distance and angle

  • Automatic adjustment by sonar depending on the level of charge

  • Air path and flow self-adjust according to tablet load for a perfect performance

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