Green Innovation: Algae Granulation Solutions

To transfer non-flowable nutraceutical ingredients into powders with easy handling, processing and direct compressibility

Your challenges

  • Very fine powder with poor flowability

  • Product is hygroscopic and shows electrostatic charging

  • Customer strives for 100% natural process & -ingredients with no additional binder or process aid

  • Requirements for “Clean Label”

  • Increasing production rate

  • Cost effective production

  • Sustainable production

Our solution

Usage of Ventilus® Technology:

  • Highly efficient Granulation- and Drying process

  • Significantly improved flowability, transferability and compressibility

  • Our technology allows perfect Granulation without additional process aid

What you can expect

  • Perfect flowability and direct compressibility

  • Target Particle Size Distribution (PSD) reached within short time

  • 100% natural, no additional (chemical) binder used

  • 100% compressible

  • 100% sustainable

Application Note


Granulation of ALGAE EXTRACT (e.g. from Chlorella or Spirulina) without additional granulation aid (→ 100% natural). Goal: Improved flowability and handling properties, zero dust, direct compressibility and stable tablets.

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All-natural ingredients to handle and compress?

You want to improve your raw material flowability and processing capabilities?

You have to make sure that no chemical process aids are added – preferably no process aids at all?

Our Laboratory InnoTech can help you to find the right customised Innojet Solution. Moreover, our InnoTech supports you e.g. with development of processes and compositions as well as with improvement of existing processes.