Noack Unveils Cutting-Edge Blister Packaging

The Noack brand has established Romaco internationally as a supplier of choice when it comes to robust, flexible blister solutions for small to medium batch sizes. Contract packaging companies and generics manufacturers particularly appreciate: Short retooling times that speed up product changeovers, high level of reliability and availability, short machine and line length and line competence in combination with our cartoner family


What are the different types of pharmaceutical blisters?

Romaco offers various types of machines for pharmaceutical blisters including coldform, thermoform, and heat-seal blisters. Coldform blisters utilize aluminum and plastic for barrier protection. Thermoform blisters are formed by heating plastic sheets and then shaping them. Heat-seal blisters are sealed with heat after filling. These options cater to diverse packaging needs.

What is the use of blister machine?

Blister machines are crucial in pharmaceutical packaging, forming blisters to hold medications securely. These machines automate the process, ensuring precision and efficiency in blister formation. They integrate seamlessly into production lines, enhancing productivity. Romaco's blister machines are versatile, accommodating various blister types to meet diverse pharmaceutical packaging requirements

What is Blister Packaging?

Blister packaging is a method of packaging products in pre-formed plastic cavities sealed with a backing. It provides protection, visibility, and tamper resistance for items like pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. Romaco offers advanced machinery for efficient blister packaging, ensuring product integrity and enhancing shelf appeal for various industries.

How can I select the right Romaco blister packaging machine for my specific needs?

To select the ideal Romaco blister packaging machine for your requirements, consider factors such as production volume, product specifications, and desired features. Romaco offers a range of blister packaging machines tailored to different needs, ensuring precise dosing, sealing, and flexibility to meet diverse industry demands effectively and efficiently.