Optimizing OEE

(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with Romaco Machines

Pharmaceutical packaging often involves multiple steps and stringent quality control measures, making it trickier to achieve high OEE compared to simpler processes.

Your challenges

  • Increasing production rate

  • Decreasing production costs

  • Improving the reliability of production planning

  • Transparency on the product output

  • Overview of machine status

  • Sustainable production

  • Frequent product changeovers can significantly impact OEE due to setupt times and adjustments

Our solution

  • Identify the reasons for machine stops due to scheduled down times
    • Reasons selectable from the OEE dialog at the machine operation terminal
    • Visualization and overview of the down time reasons
  • Data is recorded by the machine control
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent unexpected equipment failures and production stoppages
  • Implementing automated equipment can reduce downtime associated with manual operations and improve consistency
  • Analyzing the components of OEE (availability, performance, quality), manufacturers can pinpoint areas causing production showdowns or waste

  • Permanent measurement, recording and visualization of machine status

  • Transparency about stop reasons and product ejections

  • Measurement of the machine efficiency

What you can expect

  • Increased machine efficiency

  • Single metric to compare the effectiveness of different packaging lines or assess changes made to optimize a line

  • Services, which include OEE consultancy, data analysis and improvement strategies

  • User-friendly software

  • Most commonly used non-financial measurement tool on packaging lines