KiTech – the tableting test laboratory

The Laboratory KiTech in Cologne, Germany is the expert centre for all your questions relating to the tableting process. KiTech, Romaco Kilian’s test laboratory, provides you with direct access to a wide range of tableting expertise, from recipe analysis through compression trials to analysis of your final product.

Using state-of-the-art analysis equipment and the all-in-one R&D instrument KTP 1X, Romaco Kilian’s KiTech particularly focuses on optimising your tableting processes and equipment to achieve maximum overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Your tableting challenges …

  • Performance improvement of tablet presses

  • Output improvement of tablet presses

  • Process speed improvement

  • Characterization of product and formulation

  • Sticky / temperature sensitive products

  • Capping and lamination of products

Our expert services

  • Provision of expertise in tableting special products e.g. hair colour, coal powder, algae powder, catalysts, veterinary drugs

  • Provision of expertise in tableting different product geometries

  • Support for the entire process from granulation to tableting and coating

  • Performance optimisation of tablet presses, e.g. by increasing the output or process speed

  • Characterization of products and formulations

  • Determination of characteristic tableting parameters, e.g. with hardness and compression force measurements

  • Comprehensive analysis of all required specifications for powder, granule and tablet production

  • Troubleshooting challenges like capping and lamination or sticky / heat sensitive products

  • Scale-up to identify the appropriate tablet press

  • Customisation of tablet presses for special applications

  • Testing of new machine features and machine developments

  • …and many more

Our equipment and features

  • Access to all current machine features such as: brake magnets, punch bellows, different fill shoe systems and smooth-running compression rollers

  • All-in-one R&D instrument KTP 1X

  • Six fully equipped press rooms and three conference rooms

  • Various production presses and analytical instruments

  • Comprehensive expertise, simulation tools and test possibilities

  • Expert team

Application notes

Application note ibuprofen Romaco Kilian KTP 420X

Ibuprofen KTP 420X

Production of IBUPROFEN which runs on a Synthesis 700 with 40 rpm turret rotation speed. Goal: Increased machine output speed and a continuous production without any cleaning issues.

Download 340.2 KB (pdf)
Application note effervescent Romaco Kilian KTP 420X

Effervescent KTP 420X

Production of effervescent tablets, customer visited a competitor to make trials with original product and 90.000 tablets/h. Goal: Increased machine output speed on a KILIAN tablet press.

Download 354.7 KB (pdf)
Application note dental cleaner Romaco Kilian SYNTHESIS

Dental cleaner SYNTHESIS

Production of double layer dental cleaner effervescent tabs which runs on a KILIAN RX tablet press with 1,800 tablets/h. Goal: Increased machine output speed on a KILIAN SYNTHESIS 700 2G.

Download 212.4 KB (pdf)
Application note homeopathic products Romaco Kilian S 250 B

Homeopathic S 250 B

Production of fast dissolving tablets. Goal: Continuous production on a force feed rotary tablet press by using multiple punches and achieving the output capacity of 4 existing machines.

Download 241.5 KB (pdf)

Our expertise covers the whole processing process. In addition to the KiTech services, we also help you optimise the flow behavior or the compressibility of powders and granules. Furthermore, if required, we support you in choosing the right coating solution for final tablets.


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We help you with your specific product, tablet press or challenge!

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