Segment technology in tablet manufacturing

Some products in tablet form are produced in high volumes and must only have low production costs. By using segment technology, product losses and changeover times can be reduced significantly and higher output quantities can be achieved. The segments used for this purpose replace the conventional die plate of die table as well as the dies. With the additionally available RS12 tooling, which can be placed very close to each other on the die table, the maximum possible output can be achieved from the tablet presses. 

Your challenges

  • Higher output required 

  • Lower production costs required 

  • High product loss

  • Too high changeover time

  • Too high cleaning effort  

Advantages of segment technology

  • Standard EU-B and EU-D tooling possible 

  • More punches -> up to 35% more output 

  • Faster cleaning -> No removal of the entire die table 

  • Shorter change over -> change of only 3 to 7 segments

  • No dies -> No time-consuming removal, installation and alignment of dies

  • New optimized RS12 tooling (with Shaft-Ø 12.7mm) -> round tablets up to Ø 12mm possible

Maximum output with patented RS12 tooling

  • KTP 420X: with 3 segments and 66 punches for up to 475,200 tablets/hour

  • KTP 590X: with 4 segments and 96 punches for up to 691,200 tablets/hour

  • KTP 720X: with 5 segments and 115 punches for up to 1,380,000 tablets/hour

  • KTS 1000 (Triple-Layer): with 7 segments and 133 punches for up to 670,320 tablets/hour 



Products with high output and low production cost requirement?

Our test laboratory KiTech can help you find the right customised Kilian solution. Moreover, our KiTech supports you e.g. with speed demonstrations and optimisation as well as analyses and optimisation of existing tableting processes.