Oral liquid filling versatility in one line configuration

From watery to honey-alike products

Oral pharmaceutical liquids vary from inexpensive products to high quality supplements.

OTC syrups from antitussives to expectorants and decongestants, products connected to seasonal sicknesses, nutraceutical supplements, are all mass-produced and largely distributed.

Specific to the production of these medicines it is necessity to have an equipment with a wide filling range to be able to fill different liquids on one single line. Liquid filling lines need therefore to process liquids with different features, from foaming liquids to alcohol-based liquids to highly viscous liquids, and correspondent bottles and caps, with high efficiency.

Your oral liquid filling challenges

  • A great variety of liquid products with different viscosity and density (from alcohol-based products to watery products to honey-alike products to foaming products, etc)

  • Maintaining stable filling precision and accuracy at any requested production speed

  • Easy and secure cleaning and drying of the filling system in between batches

  • Reducing downtime for cleaning operations and format changeover

  • Multiple capping of the containers

Our oral liquid filling solutions

  • Romaco patented UniVersa™ pumps integrated in the filling system structure, capable to handle pharmaceutical liquids presenting significant differences (density, viscosity, sedimentation, etc.)

  • Cleaning In Place of the filling system in between batches

  • Up to 3 capping stations plus cannula insertion module, to handle screw caps, child-proof screw caps, CRC caps, measuring caps, spray pumps, and more

  • Size-parts free linear transport system in the filling area (LF Series)

  • Tool-less changeover of starwheels (LVI Series/LF Series)

  • Filling range: 5 – 450 ml; output up to 15,000 bottles per hour (LF Series)

  • Filling range: 1 – 500 ml; output up to 6,000 bottles per hour (LVI Series)



Cough syrups, oral medications, and more

Do you need to fill oral liquids? Cough syrups? Sugar-based and alcohol based pharmaceutical liquids? We have the one-fits-all solution for you.