CoTech – Film coating laboratory knowledge center

The CoTech pilot plant in Barcelona, Spain, offers you well documented tests and studies with regard to the coating manufacturability, coating quality as well as coating speed and efficiency of your product or product ideas.

Your film coating challenges …

  • Increase of bed product level

  • Stops for adjustment in bed to spray gun distance

  • Lack of homogeneity of the coating

  • Lack of effectiveness of the functional coating

  • Scaling up of the manufacturing operations to meet the commercial requirements

  • Minimisation the resources during the scale-up processes

  • Delays in manufacturing process

  • Reproducibility and robustness of the process

Our expert services

  • Tests of various tablet sizes, shapes and materials concerning the film coating results

  • Tests of various coating materials concerning the film coating results

  • Tests of min/max batch size and the effect on coating results

  • Scale-up trials

  • Spry loss optimisation

  • In-process coating analysis for coating optimisations by camera systems

  • Definition of best working parameters for each product

Our equipment and features

  • Lab & pilot plant drum coaters for batch sizes from 0,75 L to 75 L

  • 3D printer for baffle design adjustments

  • Various analytical instruments

  • Expert team

Our expertise covers the whole film coating process. In addition to the CoTech services, we also help you to optimise the dynamic movement of the tablets inside the drum by means of customised deflectors. Furthermore, if required, we support you in choosing the right coating solution for the final tablets.


Granulation experts


Tableting experts

We help you with your specific product, tablet press or challenge!

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