Heat sensitive / sticky / poor flowing products

Heat sensitive products like Ibuprofen powder are difficult to compact and tend to stick to punch surfaces during tableting process. Furthermore, they can have a poor flowability and often cannot be fed into die. As a result, there are high variants in tablet weight due to the inhomogeneous die filling.

Your challenges

  • Powder is temperature sensitive and starts sticking after 35°C

  • Sticking issues (film) on die table

  • Sticking issues on the punch surface

  • Powder is sticky from the start

  • Powder does not flow well

  • Powder cannot be fed into die as it does not flow

  • High variations in tablet weight due to inhomogeneous filling

Our solutions

  • Minimised distance between fill shoe and die table
  • Start-up dosing by fill reduction
  • Cover segment, product scraper with magnets and optimised recycling groove
  • Hermetical separation of process area
  • Bellow system

  • Large water-cooling device for torque drive, to reduce electrical heating
  • Additional cooling loop for compaction area and V-seal ring, to reduce partial heating

  • Long lasting pressure rollers and parts

  • Highly efficient filling system
  • Special conical feeding tube
  • Special surface of the feeding tube
  • Vibrator system for feeding tube

  • Fill shoe with two paddle wheels
  • Innovative design of paddle wheels
  • Special coating for fill shoe housing

What you can expect

  • Better product flow into feeding tube

  • No product jam in the feeding tube

  • Increased turret rotation speed

  • Tablet press, die table and punch tips do not exceed 30°C during the process

  • No sticking issues on die table or punch tips

  • Homogeneous filling of the die

  • Use of our KiTech to test your application

Application Note

Application note ibuprofen Romaco Kilian KTP 420X


Production of IBUPROFEN which runs on a Synthesis 700 with 40 rpm turret rotation speed. Goal: Increased machine output speed and a continuous production without any cleaning issues.

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Heat sensitive, sticky or poor flowing products are your challenge?

Our KiTech can help you find the right customised Kilian Solution. Moreover, our KiTech supports you e.g. with speed demonstrations and optimisation as well as analyses and optimisation of existing tableting processes.