Stick packs packaging

Oral products such as liquids, granules or powders filled into stick packs are becoming an increasingly popular solution for pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical monodoses.

Stick pack are thins sachets with a typical elongated shape. They are renowned for requiring minimum amount of film to contain the product.

It is recognized as a particularly practical solution by the end-users.

Your packing challenges

  • Damages to the product

  • Counting of multiple products

  • Change of the state of the product by heat, friction or other forces

  • Many operations' intervention

  • Including patient information leaflet in the package 

  • Unstable shape of the single product and of the stack 

Our solution

  • Gentle and positive handling of the products

  • Precise counting into bucket and controlled transfer into carton

  • Availability of robotic handling system

  • Support in defining the best carton dimensions

  • Many possible configurations of multiple stacks

  • Intermittent motion solutions for low/medium speed requirements

  • Continuous motion solutions for high speed productions

  • Possibility to integrate leaflet/booklet infeed

  • Possibility to integrate vision system of choice to monitor each process step and inspect products integrity

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