Tablet capping and lamination Solution

Some powders consist of ingredients that have high elastic properties and therefore are difficult to compress. As a result, these powders have a risk for capping or lamination during compression or after dispensing. To remain competitive, these powders must nevertheless be compressed quickly and efficiently. These issues often lead to irreversible damage to tablet presses and tooling.

Your challenges

  • Capping or lamination of tablets during the process or during ejection of the tablets

  • Pressure dwell time is too short

  • High amount of damaged tablets

  • Tool or tablet press damage

  • Low hardness of the tablets

  • Too dry powder causes insufficient bonding

  • Too moist powder causes sticking issues on the punch surface

Our solutions

  • Reduction of penetration depth

  • Dies with conical opening for better deaeration

  • Special tools with larger punch heads, e.g. Kilian 28/41

  • Use of large pre and main pressure rollers for smooth acceleration and increased time to rearrange powder particles

  • Extending dwell time by slowing down the process speed

What you can expect

  • No capping or lamination issues

  • Increased yield

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased product quality

  • Decreased mechanical wear of tablet press and tooling

  • Use of our test laboratory KiTech to test your application



Products with capping or lamination tendency are your challenge?

Our test laboratory KiTech can help you find the right customised Kilian solution. Moreover, our KiTech supports you e.g. with speed demonstrations and optimisation as well as analyses and optimisation of existing tableting processes.