Sustainability Enabler

The aim for Romaco is to help you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions permanently with our technologies!


We follow the principle of:


Resource Efficiency

Less material loss

Energy Consumption

Energy reduction

Our efforts & goals

How we improve your sustainability

  • Granulation filter (Sepajet), which returns particles instead of getting them extracted
  • Minimum product loss on our tablet presses of < 0.5%
  • Minimum spray rate loss on our drum coater as it always works at optimum distance between tablet bed and spray gun
  • Minimum residues in our powder filling machines in the dosing chambers
  • reduced waste of packaging materials 

  • Hot melt pellet coating technology to reduce drying time and energy consumption by up to 80%
  • In-wall designed coater to minimise clean pharma air consumption by 35%
  • High efficiency auxiliary aggregates with reduced energy consumption of 25%
  • Energy-saving mode for batch recipes
  • Reduced sealing temperatures compared to previous generation machines
  • Blister line transfer system with reduced energy consumption from 6 to 1 KW
  • Intelligent energy-saving mode reduces electric power and pneumatic air consumption during format changes

  • Zero emission of solid particles or organic solvents in a circular fluid bed process

  • Recycled PMMA
  • CO2-reduced aluminum plates

  • We offer climate-neutral processing and packaging equipment 
  • We provide certificates of carbon footprint calculation and in co-operation with Forliance we compensate by sponsoring climate protection projects

  • Constant research and development of more sustainable materials: 
    • Biodegradable paper blisters and paper strip foil
    • Recyclable mono-material for blisters and strips
    • Aluminium foil down to 7µm
    • Bio-based tubes for effervescent tablets

  • At the end of your equipment's life cycle, we take it back, reuse components where possible and recycle all other parts

What we do

Green electricity

Solar roof

Electric & hydrogen company cars

Adopting bees

Job bicycles

No plastic cups


Until 2030 *Scope 1+2/3

Our aim for 2030

46/27% reduction of CO2

Romaco’s vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable products and services for the pharmaceutical industry. Join us and benefit from our goals.

Want to know more?

We follow as Romaco Group the Science Based Target approach by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi), annually reducing our CO2e emission to reach net zero emission by the latest 2050. To reach this ambitious goal we are developing near term targets and follow the pathway towards 1.5 degree C temperature increase.

Want to know more about the SBT Initiative?

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Where we started (2019)

Corporate carbon footprint report 2019 for Romaco Group.

DOWNLOAD 1.9 MB (pdf)

Romaco offers the first climate-neutral machines, including 

  • Kilian tablet presses (KTP Series), Noack blister lines (Unity & NBP 950), Promatic cartoners (PC 4000)
  • Certified calculation to determine the carbon footprint for the machine production including all components
  • CO2 emissions are compensated by sponsoring climate protection projects
  • Cooperation with ForestFinest, a consultancy service provider for sustainable land use projects

Certificates & More

Improvement suggestions?

We are interested in sustainable solutions from our suppliers! Please contact us for sustainable improvements suggestions:

your suggestions

Any questions?

Our team of sustainability experts at each Romaco business unit will be pleased to further explain our directions and activities.