Energy Recovery System

The future of sustainable process technology with Romaco Tecpharm's Energy Recovery System (ERS) for tablet coaters: This smart solution cuts thermal energy consumption—steam, hot water, and oil—by up to 50%, not just saving costs and improving your carbon footprint but also cooling down the outlet air.  With an intuitive energy monitor, witness real-time insights into your savings. 

Your challenges

You are dealing with the high energy use of tablet coating processes? You are not alone:

  • Energy-Intensive Coating Processes: Tablet coating involves energy-demanding steps such as spraying with liquid coating suspension and subsequent drying, driving up energy costs.
  • Waste of Thermal Energy: Traditional coating processes release hot air laden with unused thermal energy into the atmosphere, contributing to energy waste.
  • Sustainability: Acting environmentally friendly during production can pose a real challenge.

Our solution

Romaco Tecpharm’s Energy Recovery System, a solution designed to address your challenges:

  • Stop Wasting Energy: The regular coating process consumes a lot of energy, and the warm air it produces is usually wasted. Romaco Tecpharm's ERS stops this waste by reusing the warm air to heat up the incoming air.
  • Big Potential Savings: In tablet coaters using ERS, the warm air is reused, saving up to 50% of the therma energy used. This is equivalent to reducing 20% of the total energy consumption used by the tablet coater..
  • Great for Big Batches: The ERS performs optimally in large-scale production machines, saving more energy when manufacturing a substantial quantity of tablets. This is particularly advantageous for producing a large volume of the same product, as it also reduces the overall manufacturing costs.
  • Keep Going with Sustainability: Romaco Tecpharm's Optima product family, featuring highly automated drum coaters, synergizes effectively with the ERS. It reduces the amount of coating suspension spent, resulting in faster processes, lower air consumption, and savings in both energy and costs.

What you can expect

Experience the future of technology with Romaco Tecpharm's innovative Energy Recovery System. Investing in smart solutions, like our latest technology, not only benefits your budget but also contributes to a greener planet. Our commitment aligns with the recent EU CSR Directive amendment, urging companies to prioritize sustainability. By adopting our advanced process technology for coating tablets, you not only enhance efficiency but also demonstrate environmental responsibility, seamlessly harmonizing with evolving international sustainability standards. Choose Romaco Tecpharm for a conscientious and efficient approach, pioneering the way to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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