FillTech Laboratory – the powder and liquid filling experts

The FillTech laboratory in Bologna, Italy is the center of expertise for all your questions relating to liquid filling and powder filling processes.

Your dosing challenges

  • Performance improvement

  • Process speed and efficiency improvement

  • Product formulation

  • Sticky powders

  • Irregular types of powders

  • Highly hygroscopic powders

  • Microspheres

  • Heat-sensitive products

  • Highly viscous liquids

  • Foamy liquids

  • Alcohol-based liquids

Our services

  • Performance optimisation

  • Product assessment

  • Determination of best filling parameters

  • Comprehensive analysis of all required specifications for powders and liquids

  • Troubleshooting challenges on the overall process

  • Scalability option

  • Customisation of powder filling machines and liquid filling machines for special applications

  • Testing of new machine features and machine development

  • … and many more

Our equipment and features

  • Mass-flow meter for filling

  • Peristaltic pumps

  • Different types of volumetric pumps for sterile and non-sterile applications, including Romaco’s patented UniVersa™ pump

  • Vacuum assisted dosing disc

  • Donut™ powder pick and place dosing system

  • Auger filling


Granulation experts


Coating experts

We help you with your specific powder filling and liquid filling process optimisation and challenges!

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