Packing of multiple rigid tubes

Pharmaceutical products such as effervescent tablets are normally packed into rigid tubes made of plastic material. This kind of tubes are loaded as multiples into cartons for commercialization, together with patient’ information leaflet.

Considering this type of format, cartons needs to be made with sturdy cardboard or even corrugated cardboard depending on the size and amount of the tubes. 

Effervescent tablets are renowned to be fragile, therefore the handling of the tubes must be controlled, gentle and stable throughout the whole packaging process.

This kind of tubes are also largely used for nutraceutical applications and marketed in large scale-distribution as multiple standing tubes into ecotrays, to be sold singularly without carton.

Your packing challenges

  • Fragile effervescent tablets

  • Heavy load on the cardboard

  • Precise counting of the products into the carton/ecotray

  • Steadily handling the products throughout the whole packaging process to prevent damages

  • Handling of unstable products to be fed horizontally or vertically with precise positioning

  • Automating the entire process

Our solutions

  • Automatic infeed of tubes in multiple configurations, both vertically and horizontally

  • Engineering team dedicated to assess and recommend best carboard and ecotray options, in terms of composition and dimensions

  • Possibility to integrate leaflet/booklet infeed

  • Possibility to integrate vision system of choice to monitor each process step

  • Possibility to add automatic ecotray station

  • Turnkey solutions including Romaco Kilian tablet press, Romaco Siebler tube filling and closing, Romaco Promatic cartoning and case packing

Possible line solution consisting of

Romaco Promatic Multibox top loading solution for standing rigid tubes into ecotray. 



Packing your rigid tubes?

Handling multiple tubes in different carton designs or ecotrays as a fully automated process is easy with Romaco packaging solution.