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The laboratory InnoTech in Steinen, Germany is the expert centre for all your questions relating to granulating, drying and coating.

Formulation development, feasibility, process optimisation and troubleshooting. The well-equipped laboratory InnoTech provides you with direct access to a wide range of expertise in processing solids. 

With state-of-the-art equipment, the InnoTech particularly focuses on optimising your granulation, (fine) powder and pellet coating processes.


Your granulation / pellet coating challenges …

  • Developing a new product

  • Expert advice on raw material

  • Poor flowability of your product

  • Replacing an existing excipient

  • Improving your yield/energy consumption/process time…

… are our competences and services

  • From feasibility trials and formulation support to scale-up and process optimisation

  • In-depth knowledge of standard and novel excipients used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals

  • Intensive test patterns with results documented in detail

  • Several processes: high shear mixing and granulation, fluid bed drying, fluid bed granulation, fluid bed coating of powder and pellets, hot melt coating in lab scale, pilot scale and production scale available

  • We implement a design of experiment (DoE) based approach to study the impact of process parameters and material variables on intermediate stages and final products

  • We offer training sessions for operators and/or maintenance incl. troubleshooting

  • Scale-up realized with an in-house developed software, trials on a Ventilus with up to a 150L

  • Expert advice on raw materials, compatibility of components and processes

  • Novel approaches for clean label granulation and coating, mainly in nutraceuticals

Our equipment and features

  • Ventilus® Lab

  • Ventilus® Pilot

  • Ventilus® Production Scale

  • Top spray and bottom spray technology

  • Camsizer X2

  • Many other analytic tools

  • Expert team

Application notes


Granulation of ALGAE EXTRACT (e.g. from Chlorella or Spirulina) without additional granulation aid (→ 100% natural). Goal: Improved flowability and handling properties, zero dust, direct compressibility and stable tablets.

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