Ventilus® Mobile pilot plant

Drying, Granulation, Coating and Hot Melt Coating

Equally suited for scale up or for manufacturing small batch sizes

Plug and play – start your GMP manufacturing in seconds …

  • GMP compliant design - simple cleanability
  • Highest flexibility in batch processing from 4 – 25 litres
  • Modern solution as a mobile device or “Through the wall” installation

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Machine Layout


Technical Data

Technical data 10 Liter product container 25 Liter product container
Max. batch size (kg, at 1g/cm³) 10 25
Min. batch size (kg, at 1g/cm³) 4 10
Product container inside ø = booster ø (mm) 250 350
Inlet air quantity (m³/h) Max. 500 Max. 500
Spray air quantity (Nm³/h at 3.0 bar spray pressure) 20 20
Cooling water for dehumidification (glycol-free) (forward/return) (°C) 6° / 12° 6° / 13°
Power consumption (KW) Max. 43 Max. 43
Particle size min. (μm) 10 10
Particle size max. (mm) 2 2
Materials (product-contacted) Stainless steel AISI 316l
Borosilicate glass
Filter media, plastic and seals FDA certified
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* Note: These batch and particle sizes can vary depending on the properties of the product.


Innojet Hot Melt Device (IHD)