TP G Laboratory High shear mixer granulator

Designed for pharmaceutical wet granulation processes. Granulator converts fine-powder heterogeneous mixtures into a uniform granulation with increased particle size and higher density.

Performance: 0.5 to 7.5 L

Granulation technology in a pilot scale

  • Ideal granulator for product development. The technology enables an easy change to pilot scale.
  • Technology provides useful information for industrial batches.
  • Romaco can help and accompany you throughout the whole process: granulation, tableting and coating


Machine Layout


Technical Data

  Capacity (l) Dimensions (mm)
Model min. max. A B C
TP G Lab (Bowl 2L)  0,5 1,5 1000 670 600
TP G Lab (Bowl 5L) 1,5 3,5 1000 670 600
TP G Lab (Bowl 10L) 2,5 7,5 1000 670 600
More Information

* Approximate data / loading levels may change depending on tablets shape and density