Romaco Promatic – Innovative Cartoning Technology is our Speciality

With numerous innovations and advanced technologies, Romaco Promatic is a globally recognised brand. Customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries trust in the groundbreaking cartoning solutions, rich know-how and excellent customer service of Romaco Promatic.

Facts & Figures

Location Rastignano (Italy)
Italian home of Romaco S.r.l.
Employees 145 
History 1985 Established in Bologna (Italy)
  1992 Integration in the Romaco Group
  2010 Relocation to Rastignano (near Bologna)
Machine series Intermittent and continuous motion vertical and horizontal cartoners, case
  packers, serialization and aggregation solutions.
Special features Modular cartoner design permits quick and easy integration into complex line configurations
Number of delivered machines more than 1,700