Tablet Coater Optima – Perforated coating pan for tablets and pellets

The Tablet Coater Optima is a perforated coating pan designed for the film coating of tablets or pellets, suitable in aqueous and organic coatings, for the pharmaceutical industry.

Its high technology allows an automatic adjustment control of the flow, avoiding the damp, saving coating, and optimizing the processing time.

Innovative high-quality equipment certified by accredited entities.
Fully designed and built in Europe following regulatory requirements and GMP´s normative.


  • Increases the batch size range from 10% to 100%
  • Optimizes the parameter adjustment fully automatically
  • All in the same drum
  • Automatic arm extension system in terms of distance and angle
  • Automatic adjustment by sonar depending on the level of charge
  • Path and air flow self-adjustable according to tablet’s load for a perfect performance

The Tablet Coater Optima controls each critical variable which is decisive for the dynamic equilibrium, such as:

  • Applied liquid flow
  • Inlet and exhaust air flow
  • Inlet and exhaust air temperature
  • Tablet temperature during the process
  • Turning speed of the drum

Technical Data

Model Min. (L) Max. (L) A B C D E
TP R50_Optima 7,5 75 2,030 2,100 2,400 1,150 1,230
TP R100_Optima 15 150 3,210 2,254 2,838 1,300 1,538
TP R200_Optima 30 300 3,210 2,321 3,413 1,615 1,798
TP R300_Optima 45 450 3,510 2,542 3,975 1,845 2,130
TP R400_Optima 60 600 3,510 2,785 4,628 2,105 2,523
TP R500_Optima 75 750 3,840 3,050 5,390 2,400 2,990
TP R600_Optima 90 900 3,840 3,340 6,275 2,730 3,545

* Approximate data / Other dimensions on request.

TP R Equipment

Technical Highlights

  • In-wall design
  • Built-in AISI 316L, with surfaces in contact with the product mirror polished with roughness Ra < 0.5
  • PLC + HMI SIEMENS® for machine control in manual and automatic mode
  • Recipe editing
  • Detachable deflectors
  • Central transmission with direct coupling
  • SCHLICK® nozzles to guarantee perfect spraying
  • Central nozzle arm
  • WIP accessories for automatic cleaning
  • Spraying control by flow meter
  • Air control adjustments fully automatic
  • Automatic valves to isolate the process (GMP requirement)
  • Sight glass + LED illumination into the drum
  • Peristaltic pump (WATSON MARLOW®) for coating suspension dosage
  • Remote connection

Dust Collector

  • Primary filtration stage with powder collection in container/s
  • Cleaning filters by blowing system
  • Anti-explosion panel and shock valve
  • A P monitoring during the process
  • HEPA 13 absolute filtration

Air treatment

  • Prefiltration with stage G4 and F9
  • Dehumidification battery by cold water
  • Drive fan adjustable by frequency inverter
  • Heating battery by steam
  • A P monitoring during the process
  • HEPA 13 absolute filtration

Optional accessories

  • Automatic tablet unloading system
  • Applied for utility model ES-IT-DE: Nozzle blockage detection system with automatic self-cleaning
  • ATEX version
  • Desiccant wheel system for extra dehumidification
  • Central WIP Unit 21CFR part 11 compliance module
  • Coating suspension preparation tank (configurable)
  • Automatic sampling group
  • Turnkey installation service

Code Design and Certifications

  • GMP, EHEDG and FDA validated
  • Design according to ASME, DIN and EN (EN 12445:2015 and EN 13445)
  • Accordance with the VMP of our customers
    • Design Qualification (DQ)
    • Installation Qualification (IQ)
    • Operational Qualification (OQ)
    • Performance Qualification (PQ)

Tecpharm offers all range of services: “turnkey concept” installation within the client facilities, start-up, qualification, training, and production support.

Film Coating of tablets and pellets

Tablet coating is a covering (film coating) that is applied to the surface of a particle or a tablet for different purposes. The motivation for coating dosage forms range goes from:

  • Colour and gloss
  • Improving the stability (light protection, moisture and gas barrier)
  • Making it easier to swallow the tablet

Also, functional coatings can be used to modify the drug release behaviour from the dosage form. Depending on the polymers used it is possible either delay the release of the drug or use the coating to sustain the release of the drug from the dosage form over extended periods.

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