TPR Lab tablet coater

Perforated pan technology for small batches and simple formulations for tablets and pellets.

Performance: 0.75 to 3 L

Advanced coating technology in a pilot scale

  • Ideal technology for product development that allows easy change to a pilot scale and provides useful information for industrial batches.

  • The standard equipment is suitable to work with drums from 0.5 to 1 kg and 1 kg to 2 kg.

  • Special drum execution is available to produce small batches for coating pellets.



Machine Layout


Technical Data

Tablet Coaters Capacity​ (l) Dimensions (mm)
Model min. max. A B C
TPR LAB Drum 1 0.75 1.5 1,290 1,760 800
TPR LAB Drum 2 1.5 3 1,290 1,760 800
More Information

* Approximate data / loading levels may change depending on tablets shape and density