Laboratory tablet coater – perforated coating pan for tablets and pellets

Laboratory Tablet Coater with perforated coating pan designed to produce the film coating of tablets or pellets, suitable in aqueous and organic coatings.

Innovative high-quality equipment certified by accredited entities. Fully designed and built in Europe following regulatory requirements and the GMP normative.

Used for new product development, with a technology that easily allows changing to a pilot scale. And also provides useful information for industrial batches.

The standard equipment is suitable to work with interchangeable drums from 0.5 to 2 Kg.

Special drum execution is available to produce small batches for coating pellets.


The Laboratory Tablet Coater controls each critical variable which is decisive for the dynamic equilibrium, such as:

  • Applied liquid flow
  • Inlet airflow
  • Exhaust airflow
  • Inlet and exit air temperature
  • Tablet temperature during the process
  • Turning speed of the pan drum

Technical Data

Coaters Capacity Dimensions
Model Min. (L) Max. (L) A B C D E
TP RLAB-1 0.75 1.50 1.550 1.664 NA 800 NA
TP RLAB-2 1.50 3.00 1.550 1.664 NA 800 NA
TP Ri5-10 3.5 15 1.620 1.885 1.575 685 890

TP R Lab

More and more it is important to optimize processes before industrialization. Obviously to minimize time and cost risks. In Romaco Tecpharm we have a pilot plant for testing purposes with all equipment on a pilot scale. This facility allows the client to perform a complete scaling-up for each process.

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