Strip packaging lines from Romaco – perfectly networked

From tableting to primary and secondary packaging to final packaging: As the first manufacturer worldwide, Romaco develops integrated strip packaging solutions. Depending on product characteristics and batch sizes, the high-performance lines can be configured in such a way that the overall equipment effectiveness is substantially increased

The lines comprise modules for the

Production of tablets

  • Tableting solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry
  • Pressing of up to five tablet layers with up to five products for pharmaceutical applications
  • Production of food supplements such as vitamin products
  • manufacture of chemical products such as cleaning tablets

Packaging in sealed strips

  • Different folding carton designs and materials
  • Package inserts such as instruction leaflets, booklets and medicinal products
  • Tuck-in and adhesive closures as well as different proofs of originality
  • Coding by means of ink jet, colour embossing, laser engraving or vignette

Bundling of folding cartons

  • Final packaging solutions for all types of folding cartons
  • Stretch or shrinkage bundling alternatively possible

Packaging of folding cartons in shipping carton

  • Feeding and packaging of individual and bundled folding cartons
  • Closure with adhesive tape or hot glue

Siebler Push Packs

Simply press the tablets out of the strip. The alternative to Al/Al blisters. Push Packs combine the barrier properties of strip packaging with the opening mechanism of blisters.

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