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Entire class of 1982/83 celebrates 40 years of service

Romaco honors jubilarians

Karlsruhe-based Romaco Pharmatechnik has just honored seven employees for 40 years of service and another six for 25 years. Among them is the entire “class of 1982/83”, which is celebrating four decades at the company together this year.

The entire “class of 1982/83” at Romaco Pharmatechnik is celebrating 40 years of service this year. Four decades ago, all four of them began their apprenticeship with Siebler, which has been part of the Romaco Group since 1998. In total, the Karlsruhe-based pharma machinery manufacturer, which has its headquarters in Durlach’s Breit business park, is honoring seven employees for 40 years of service and another six for 25 years.

Since completing their training to become industrial clerks and machine fitters, the former apprentices have held various positions at the company in the course of their careers and also gained management experience as sales manager, team and trainee leaders. Today, the jubilarians are employed in the pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer’s Sales, Customer Service and Operations departments.

“We’re very proud that our entire class of 1982/83 is now celebrating its 40th anniversary at the company,” points out Markus Regner, Managing Director of Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH. “To remain loyal to a single firm over such a long period of time is extraordinary enough in itself – but for an entire cohort of apprentices to stay with the same employer for four decades must surely be unique.”

Romaco Pharmatechnik has been building packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry since 1934. Around the globe, pharmaceutical manufacturers package their medicines using technologies from the international Romaco Group. All blister, heat sealing and rigid tube filling machines traded under the brand names Noack and Siebler are developed, designed, assembled and sold in Karlsruhe.

“It’s really something quite special to be looking back on 40 years of service together with colleagues I’ve known since my days as an apprentice and to now be responsible myself for upcoming generations of trainees,” explains Gerd Becker, Team Leader Industrial Trainees, who has been qualified to train future industrial and tool mechanics since 2001. “For more than 20 years now, I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand how our young apprentices develop into experienced and valuable employees for the company. It’s a circle that closes over and over again.”

Long tradition as a training organization

Romaco Pharmatechnik currently employs 14 apprentices as well as four dual students. Apprenticeships for prospective industrial mechanics, electronics technicians, industrial business management assistants and warehouse logistics specialists have again been advertised for the coming year.

“Against the backdrop of demographic change and the resulting shortage of skilled workers, we’re very keen to train our own employees and commit them to our company from an early stage,” emphasizes Andreas Wolfangel, Director HR & Legal at the Romaco Group. “In-house training is an important investment in the company’s future, especially since pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing involves highly specialized know-how, and we as employers have a vested interest in keeping this expertise on board.”

This tradition of tying employees to the company in the long term also has a positive impact on customer relations. Some of the jubilarians in Sales and Customer Service have been working with the same contact persons at their customers for 40 years now. The trusting cooperation that has grown over the past four decades clearly benefits both sides!