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Top management change at Romaco

Jens Torkel and Linbin Zeng appointed new Managing Directors of the Romaco Group

Managing Directors of the Romaco Group

Jens Torkel and Linbin Zeng have just been named as joint Managing Directors of the Romaco Group by the Advisory Board of Romaco Holding GmbH. The new appointment will take effect immediately. They succeed Jörg Pieper, who has left the company at his own request. Markus Kimpel will remain CFO of the Romaco Group.

The Advisory Board of Romaco Holding GmbH has just reorganized the Romaco Group management. Jens Torkel and Linbin Zeng have been appointed joint Managing Directors of the Romaco Group with immediate effect. Jens Torkel will take over as Speaker of the Board of Management while Markus Kimpel will remain on the Board as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). A new governing body comprised of the Managing Directors of Romaco’s production sites has additionally been formed. After six years at the helm of the Romaco Group, the former CEO Jörg Pieper is stepping out of the company at his own request. In the future, he will support Truking Technology, the Group’s parent company, in a consultant capacity.

“On behalf of the entire Advisory Board, I would like to thank Mr Jörg Pieper for his tireless efforts and personal commitment to the Romaco Group, which has developed under his leadership into an internationally recognized, one stop solutions supplier for the pharmaceutical industry,” emphasized Yue Tang, Chairman of the Romaco Group’s Advisory Board and of Truking Technology. “Jörg Pieper successfully steered Romaco through the Covid-19 era, setting the company’s digital and sustainable transformation in motion and driving it forward decisively. Jens Torkel and Linbin Zeng, who have just been named as his two successors on the Romaco Group Board of Management, will maintain this strategy and continue to write the Romaco success story – in terms of both innovative capability and global competitiveness.”

Romaco Group management reorganized

Prior to joining the Board of Management, Jens Torkel was responsible for the Romaco Group’s worldwide sales and service organization as Vice President Sales & Customer Service. In this role, which he assumed from 2022 onward, he significantly expanded Asian business, resulting in a substantial boost to sales in the local markets. In the course of a career spanning more than three decades, Jens Torkel has held numerous executive and top management positions with various suppliers to the international pharmaceutical industry. Among other things, he was Managing Director of Romaco Kilian for several years.

“I would like to thank the Advisory Board for the trust they have placed in me and I am fully aware of the huge responsibility that comes with this task,” explained Jens Torkel, Managing Director Romaco Group. “In the medium term, the aim will be to consistently realize the Group’s sustainability strategy and establish Romaco as the market leader in sustainable processing and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry. We are clearly on the right track here with our innovative solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.”

Linbin Zeng, an experienced investment banker who has acted as a link between the two companies ever since the merger of Truking Technology and Romaco in 2017, has now also been appointed to the Romaco Group Board of Management. In the context of his work for Truking since 2015, he played a key role in the acquisition of Chinese manufacturer Watertown and the European Romaco Group, among others. In 2018, he relocated to Frankfurt/Main after being selected to serve on the Romaco Group’s Advisory Board as Vice President Finance. Prior to joining Truking Technology, Linbin Zeng spent nearly fifteen years advancing from an analyst to the head of the investment banking department for two leading Chinese securities firms. Throughout his tenure, he assisted over ten companies with IPOs, M&A, equity offerings, and corporate restructuring, totalling an amount of two billion euros.

“I am very much looking forward to the new challenges facing me as an active member of the Romaco Board Management,” Linbin Zeng, Managing Director Romaco Group, announced. “Truking and Romaco have achieved a great deal together in the period since the merger, helping each other to penetrate relevant target markets and generating growth in the process. We are committed to maintaining this course and we will continue to develop the close cooperation between the two companies on both the sales and the technology side.”