From manual packaging to automatic solutions: ecotrays and syringes

When it comes to automatizing your packaging production, there are multiple choices for your carton design and packaging solutions.

Specifically taking into considerations syringes and pen-types products, not only the cartons, but also the thermo-formed trays, in R-PET or PLA, a more sustainable choices if compared to PVC, or eco trays made of paper or recycled paper need to be designed and handled.

In addition, manual packaging processes normally take care of different products, filled or assembled on different primary packaging machines: the integration of such upstream technologies conveying the products into one line for secondary packaging operations to make out the most from the investment and find the best price/performance solution is indeed a challenging task.

Your packing challenges

  • Switching from manual to automated packaging

  • Adapting manually fed trays/ecotrays and cartons to automatic process

  • Handling different products on a single packaging line, with a single feeding system

  • Conveying products coming from multiple upstream systems to a single cartoning machine

  • Handling both indexed and non-indexed products

  • Minimizing operators’ intervention

  • Including patient information leaflet in the package

Our solution

  • Partnership with carton manufacturers in order to design the ideal tray and carton configuration, providing samples for customer’s evaluation

  • Many possible configurations of ecotrays

  • In-line automatic forming and infeed of ecotrays

  • Gentle and positive handling of the products

  • Robotic feeding system, handling positively indexed and non-indexed products

  • Leaflet/booklet infeed

  • Integrated vision system to monitor each process step and inspect products integrity

  • Continuous motion solutions for high speed productions

  • Possibility to integrate leaflet/booklet infeed

  • Possibility to integrate vision system of choice to monitor each process step and inspect products integrity



If you need to automatize your manual packing process, or to convey more products into a single packaging machine…

Romaco can ensure you'll get the most out of one single cartoning machine. We can assist in the design of the cartons and study the perfect automatic feeding system to simplify and maximize your production.