Am Heegwald 11 · 76227 Karlsruhe · Germany

Romaco Innojet – Advanced Technologies for Granulation, Coating and Drying Processes

Romaco Innojet is an innovation leader for granulation, coating and drying with a range of high-efficiency processing solutions for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Romaco Innojet's VENTILUS®, AIRCOATER® and VARIOSCALE® series are based on the air flow bed technology originally developed and internationally patented by Dr. h.c. Herbert Hüttlin.

Facts & Figures

Location Steinen (Germany)
Employees 45
History 1997 Hüttlin Technologie und Design established as an engineering firm
  2008 Company renamed INNOJET Herbert Hüttlin e.K.
  2015 Integration in the Romaco Group
Machine series VENTILUS® systems for granulation, coating and drying of fine solid particles
  AIRCOATER® systems for coating tablets and other, larger solid particles
  VARIOSCALE® coating system for variable batch sizes
Special features Linear scale-up of all systems from laboratory to production scale
No. of machines manufactured More than 100