Innovative Strip Packaging from Romaco Siebler

Push Packs combine the barrier properties of strip packaging with the opening mechanism of blisters.

Simply press the tablets out of the strip.

Your challenges

  • Material and cost savings

  • Sustainable production

  • Alternative to Al/Al blisters

  • Flexible Design

  • High barrier requirements

Our solution

  • Material savings with Push Packs
  • Lower consumption of packaging material compared to PVC and Al/Al blisters
  • Cost savings of up to 60%
  • Push Pack foil is thinner than blister foil
  • Push Pack foil weighs less than blister foil
  • Push Pack foil is PVC free
  • Improved sustainability

  • Air-, light- and moisture-tight unit dose packaging
  • Extended shelf life
  • Push-through foil can be combined with either a multilayer laminated or a transparent barrier foil
  • Choice of aluminium foil thickness from 9 µm to 25 µm

  • Regarded as child resistant: material does not tear
  • Senior friendly: easy to open
  • Simpley press the tablet out of the pocket with your thumb

  • Push Packs are available in standard rectangular formats or as customized strip designs
  • Unique die-cutting technology from Romaco Siebler enables indivually shaped Push Packs
  • Heat-sealing machines in the Siebler HM 1 series pack anything from 800 to 7.000 tablets per minute

  • Larger foil print area compared Al/Al blisters
  • Extra space for marketing messages
  • High product recognition value
  • Double-sided print mark control possible

What you can expect

  • Sustainable strip packaging

  • Convenience - the product itself can be pushed out smoothly

  • Unique look, touch and feel

  • Safe packaging

  • Use of our PacTech laboratory to test your application

Application Note

Foil Tests

Product development and process optimisation

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Safe and simple packaging?

Are you looking for a push strip packaging solution? Our PacTech laboratory can help you to find the right customized Siebler Solution. Moreover, our PacTech supports you e.g. with existing push-strip packaging analyses.