Daily routine in times of pandemic

We’re keeping it going!

The management of the Romaco Group has agreed a set of measures to keep business operations afloat in times of pandemic.

The coronavirus potentially limits the ability of companies to continue all operations as usual. Decentralised operations as well as wide-ranging, individual countermeasures have been implemented at Romaco, thus reducing the risk of company closures. Besides this, many employees around the world are working from home, so that even if one of our factories or offices is closed: our hotline service, order handling, sales support and order engineering remain fully functional.

We at Romaco are keeping a close daily watch on developments and endeavouring to adapt in a timely manner to the dynamically changing global situation. Measures have been put in place to protect our workforce - for example access management, staggered shifts, department splits, hygiene rules, travel restrictions, video and telephone conferences, remote access, working from home - while at the same time ensuring and safeguarding our ability to carry on operating as normal. Factory acceptance tests (FAT) are currently either being conducted by us via a video conferencing facility or livestreamed to you. Our supplier structure is redundant to a large degree, so that individual closures or disruptions will not cause supply chains to be interrupted significantly.

A. Non-critical/restricted mobility

Extensive arrangements for employees to work from home with full access to all data and documents.

  • Hotline service with telephone or video support as well as remote services
  • Sales support, new equipment sales, new product launches
  • Order entry/processing
  • Inventory management
  • Order engineering
  • Finance/administration (invoicing, payments)

B. Activities requiring physical presence at our factories

These are dependent either on legal requirements or on coronavirus cases among our employees: Organised in rotating shifts designed to maintain business continuity

  • Spares warehouse and shipping
  • Laboratory for performance/scale-up testing
  • Receipt of test samples for order engineering
  • Production and assembly of equipment
  • FAT and machine/line shipping

There are currently no known corona cases among Romaco staff and we are therefore operating as normal. At our Bologna (Italy) factory, we are temporarily restricted by the new government legislation requiring manufacturing companies to remain closed. This doesn´t effect us directly, but indirectly due to suppliers limitations. We are permanently working to limit the effects of those limitations.

The actual situation at each of our Romaco factories is shown on our website and updated daily. Please refer to this site for an up-to-the-minute overview. All customers will receive regular information on the status of existing orders if the traffic light is no longer set to green.

We would like to thank you most sincerely for your trust and your loyalty!

We hope that you and your families are coping with the effects of the pandemic and wish you all the best.

Take care and maintain a healthy distance!

We're keeping it going!