Innovation in Tableting: Kilian's Tablet Presses

The Romaco Kilian tablet presses are designed for the compression of standard applications as well as special applications in various sizes and shapes – from mono-layer or multi-layer tablets through core-tablets to micro tablets. Whether for pharmaceutical, industrial or food applications, with our compression machines, paired with a high and long-lasting expertise, we offer the right solution for every compression challenge. The Romaco Kilian tablet presses are ideal for R&D in laboratories or for serial production from small batches to high volume.

Round and oblong mono-layer pharma tablet, Round bi-layer pharma tablet, tab-in-tab tablet, soup cubes, catalyst, salt tablet,

Tablet Presses in Pharma and Non-Pharma Sectors


How does a tableting machine work?

A tableting machine operates by compressing granulated material into tablets. It consists of a hopper to feed the granules, a turret with punches and dies, and a compression mechanism. Granules are fed into the dies, and as the turret rotates, punches compress the material, forming tablets with precise weight and dimensions, crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

What is the purpose of a tablet compression machine?

A tablet compression machine serves the vital purpose of transforming granulated materials into compressed tablets. It achieves this by exerting controlled pressure onto the granules within the die cavity. This process ensures uniformity in tablet weight, thickness, and hardness, maintaining pharmaceutical product quality and facilitating efficient mass production in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Which machine is used in formulation of tablet?

In the formulation of tablets, a tablet press machine plays a crucial role. It compresses granulated materials into precise tablets by exerting controlled pressure within the die cavity. This process ensures uniformity in tablet weight, thickness, and hardness, crucial for pharmaceutical product quality and efficient manufacturing processes.