MicroMaxX Series for sterile powder filling

High speed sterile powder filling and stoppering. Double powder dosing station machine with highly ergonomic supply of product components in aseptic environment. Vacuum-pressure technology, integrated check weighing system and rubber stoppering by means of pick and place with verification of cap presence are some of the key features of MicroMaxX Series.

Up to 24,000 vials/hour with a filling range (single shot per dosing disc) of 30 mg to 1,500 mg

Where versatility and fast production meet

  • Up to two different types of powders filled into the same vial
  • 100% in line check weighing with feedback to dosing system
  • Easy tool-free replacement of product contact parts from machine front side
  • Ergonomic handling of components
  • Compact footprint
  • Unique LEV design to minimise powder dispersion in the filling area
  • Suitable for oxygen-sensitive products due to system for reducing oxygen level below 3 %


Machine Layout

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Technical Data

  MicroMaxX 18     MicroMaxX 24
Vials Diameter (mm), min. – max. 16–52 16–32 16–52 16–32
Vials Height (mm), min. – max. 35–110 35–75 35-110 35–75
Maximum output (vials/hour)*
Single dose per dosing disc, no C.W.
6,000 18,000 12,000 24,000
Maximum output (vials/hour)*
Single dose per dosing disc, 100 % C.W.
4,000 12,000 12,000 24,000
Dosing range (mg), min. – max.
Single shot per dosing disc, dosage can change in relation to powder specific weight
Discs Two single Two double
Dosing chambers per disc 12 12+12
Power consumption (kW), without L.F. – with L.F. 12.7 – 16.7
Compressed air for powder ejection (Nl/min), at 7 bar 120
*Depending on product and machine configuration  
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