Romaco Kilian tableting peripherals

Romaco Kilian offers a wide range of peripherals to match the various tableting machines. These peripherals enable the production process to be further optimised and aligned to each customer's specific requirements.


Compact all-in-one unit with build-in dedusting, metal check and process control as well as tablet separation via rotating plate and selective sampling possibility for fast, controlled and damage-free transport of fragile tablets to primary packaging machine.

Transport trolley and storage holder

Component carts:
For very fast change-over of all product contact parts and safe storage of change parts

Turret trolleys:
Easy to handle turret trolleys for facilitated and safe die table transport from machine to storage

Die table storage device:
For safe storage of die tables

Tablet check unit

The tablet check unit can be implemented in the machine control system to provide direct feedback to the tablet press for active weight regulation or automatic in-line control of tablet weight, thickness, hardness and diameter.

Part Guard

Intelligent, customised storage system for controlled part availability and replacement of wear parts, critical spare parts as well as for storage of documentations, machine or compression tools, smart glasses and calibration tools.

Stearate spraying system

For die walls and punch tips – the ideal system for sticky products and reduction of ejection force.


Compaction tooling of highest quality for all kinds of tablets as well as all types of special Kilian tooling. Storage racks and cleaning equipment are also available to ensure efficient handling and optimum condition of compaction tools at all times.

Vacuum feeding system

For convenient and controlled product inlet feed.

Deduster and metal check

By integrating the deduster and metal check units in the machine control system, they can be easily controlled and evaluated.

Deduster stand alone units:
For effective and gentle dedusting or deburring of tablets

Deduster-metal check combi units: 
For dedusting, deburring and metal check of tablets in one unit

Vacuum cleaner

Various models for efficient aspiration available.

Lifting column

For lifting, moving, and supporting containers and bins in high volume production and for optimal product feeding.