Romaco Siebler strip and pouch peripherals

Romaco Siebler offers a wide range of peripherals to match the various packaging machines. These peripherals enable the production process to be further optimised and aligned to each customer's specific requirements.

Line integration with FlexTrans and cartoner

Servo driven transfer units can facilitate processing of four-side sealed foil strips for primary and secondary packaging with flexible format, FlexPicker robots transfer the strip pack to cartoner, short retooling time, no need to separate complete cutting cycles – up to 900 packs/minute.

Line integration with FixTrans and cartoner

Single-size transfer systems: individually configurable stations stack the sealed strips and pass them to the cartoner - high transfer speed, cost-efficient and gentle product handling – up to 1,040 packs/minute.

Lifting column

Smart solution to implement a lifting function in your strip machine to increase efficiency; also provides ergonomic support during operation.

Inkjet/laser printer

Printer can be integrated into the control panel of the blister machine, codes batch numbers and expiry dates on flexible aluminum foils - reduces human error, very low maintenance.

Print & verify systems

Systems ensure that every printed code is accurately placed on the product.

OEB3 solution

If the product is potentially hazardous or is sensitive to humidity and temperature; measures should be put in place to prevent exposure; systems are used to contain discharges, while glove bags and flexible isolators provide a barrier and ensure undamaged product and safe working.

Format parts trolley

Trolley for storage and easy handling of format change parts, helps to move fast and organised.