Romaco Macofar powder and liquid filling peripherals

Romaco Macofar also offers a wide range of peripherals to complete powder and liquid filling production lines, to further the operations and all process-related activities. 
The production process can be optimised and customised according to each customer's specific requirements.

Romaco Macofar WM Series vial washers

Easy-to-validate washing process for glass containers for pharmaceutical use. 
Vial transport is size parts free with universal grippers, and the washing cycle can be easily programmed and customised. 

Romaco Macofar depyrogenation tunnel Series

The Tunnel is size parts free and designed to sterilise and depyrogenate glass vials by a laminar flow of hot air at a temperature of 320° C. The depyrogenation process is continuously monitored and process parameters can be easily recalled and edited.

Romaco Macofar MBB 200 bottle blower

Automatic bottle blowing-aspiration machine for internal cleaning of cylindrical bottles by means of sterile compressed air and dust aspiration. Suitable for processing both plastic and glass bottles up to 12.000 products per hour.

Romaco Macofar MED 003 de-packer

Depacking machine for bottles packed in thermo-shrunk plastic. The machine automatically cuts and removes the thermo-shrunk plastic, freeing the bottles from their package. Thanks to the brushless motorisation, all operations are smooth and maintenance needs are very low.

External washing machines

Cleaning of the external surfaces of filled and capped containers from potential residues.

Inspection machines

Visual inspection equipment to check product quality and container aestethics.
In-line integrity testing of primary packaging.

Bottle labellers

Wrap-around labelling machines suitable to be integrated with printing devices and vision systems.

Bin lifting devices

User-friendly and ergonomic automatic bin lifting column with integrated valve management for powder transfer into the filling system.


Clean In Place and Sterilise In Place on skids, fully integrated and managed by filling machine HMI.