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Urgent security alert

Warning about bank account fraud

Beware of fraudsters posing as Romaco employees and sending out payment requests with spoofed bank details.

A growing number of fraudulent emails are currently being sent out in Romaco’s name asking you to transfer money to an alleged Romaco account.
The fraudsters deceive you by claiming to have changed Romaco’s bank details.
If you comply with this kind of fake payment request, your outstanding payments are not transferred to Romaco but direct to the fraudster’s account.

The perpetrators employ a simple trick:

They pose as Romaco employees and use fake email signatures that are virtually indistinguishable from the original.
An email address with a spoofed domain name that looks deceptively similar to Romaco’s is given as the sender.
In many cases, the only difference between the real Romaco domain and the fake one is an additional letter, number, or hyphen.

The original domain name of all emails sent out by Romaco is: romaco.com
The original domain name of all newsletters sent out by Romaco is: romaco.net

Other domain names are spoofed!

Examples of spoofed Romaco domain names:


Emails with these addresses are not from Romaco! 

Effective ways to protect yourself:

  • Check who actually sent an email very carefully by hovering your mouse over the sender address without clicking. That way, you reveal more information about the real sending domain.
  • In particular, check the authenticity of the domain from which the email was sent.
  • Blacklist known fake domains in your email settings or your firewall.
  • Be suspicious if you are notified of changes to your bank details shortly before a pending transaction.
  • Get in touch personally with your trusted contact person at Romaco before settling your arrears via an account you don’t recognize.

Feel free to contact us at: [email protected]