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Romaco at FCE Pharma 2024

Romaco will be exhibiting the Kilian KTP 1X R&D tablet press for laboratory applications at this year’s FCE Pharma. The PC 4201 continuous motion cartoner from Romaco Promatic will also be on display.

From powder processing to the final pallet, Romaco’s technologies cover the entire process chain in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout, the pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer focuses on the energy- and cost-efficient design of its machines.

KTP 1X R&D tablet press from Romaco Kilian

The KTP 1X is the newest generation of Romaco Kilian’s R&D tablet presses for laboratory use. This single-stroke press was designed as an all-in-one instrument for research and development activities. It is suitable for pressing mono-layer, bi-layer and triple-layer tablets as well as tab-in-tab formats. Depending on the model, it achieves compression forces of up to 80 kN with a maximum output of 1800 tablets per hour. This versatile R&D press enables the various tableting parameters, such as compression force or the possible tableting speed, to be automatically determined. The smart measurement system evaluates huge amounts of data in next to no time for this purpose. The KTP 1X is moreover capable of simulating any standard rotary press, making it much easier to conduct scale-up trials. In addition to the production of clinical samples, the technology also allows detailed troubleshooting and hence supports process optimization. Thanks to the machine’s extremely good rigidity, the punch position in particular can now be measured more precisely. This high measuring accuracy goes hand in hand with extremely low product consumption, which is why the KTP 1X is not only very accurate but also cost-efficient and sustainable. Only a few test series are required to obtain meaningful results, as the compression studies are highly automated. With its very small compaction area, the machine has a small footprint and is quick and easy to clean – for even greater time and energy savings. What’s more, the KTP 1X ships with a data module that gives users access to raw measurement data worldwide at any time, even when the tablet press is not in operation.

PC 4201 continuous motion cartoner from Romaco Promatic

The new PC 4201 continuous motion cartoner from Romaco Promatic achieves a maximum output of 200 cartons per minute with a footprint no bigger than that of intermittent motion types. Thanks to its compact design and individual feeding systems, this efficient technology is suitable for connection to any primary packaging machine in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industries. Depending on the line configuration, pick & place systems ensure automated transfer of the products to the cartoner. The positive carton opening system means no friction whatsoever occurs, paving the way for gentle handling, especially where recycled cardboard is concerned. To avoid producing empty packs, leading to unnecessary waste, the cartons are only picked up if there is actually any product waiting. The cartoner’s GMP compliant balcony design and ergonomic working height speed up safe line clearance. The digitally adjustable format positions, which can be accessed on the HMI, greatly simplify product changes. Format and spare parts can be easily identified at any time with the help of QR codes applied to the machine. The cartoner was built using mainly anodised aluminium components rather than a mix of materials. Last but not least, the housing made from 100% recycled acrylic glass gives Romaco Promatic’s PC 4201 an even better environmental balance.

On show at FCE Pharma in São Paulo (Brazil) from June 04 to 06, 2024 (São Paulo EXPO, Stand G037).