Romaco Kilian restructured

Stefan Krömer appointed new Managing Director alongside Jens Carstens

Romaco Kilian will be under new dual leadership from now on: Stefan Krömer has just been appointed as the new Managing Director of the Cologne-based tablet press manufacturer. He will run the company together with Jens Carstens, who has been Managing Director of Romaco Kilian since 2013.

Stefan Krömer has just been appointed by Romaco Holding GmbH as the new Managing Director of Romaco Kilian GmbH. In his new role, he is responsible for all aspects of the Cologne tablet press manufacturer’s operations and administration. Mr. Krömer will share the running of the company with Jens Carstens, who has been at the helm since 2013. Jens Carstens, already Managing Director Technology, has additionally been made responsible for Sales and Customer Service. Mr. Krömer’s area of responsibility will include the Finance, Human Resources, Technical Purchasing and Quality departments as well as Assembly and Production.

Stefan Krömer – a manager with extensive experience

“With Stefan Krömer, we have gained a highly qualified manager with extensive top-level experience for the management of Romaco Kilian”, emphasised Jörg Pieper, CEO Romaco Group. “Due to his proven expertise in process optimisation, controlling and production planning, Mr. Krömer will make a vital contribution to Romaco Kilian’s future growth.”

Prior to joining Romaco Kilian, Stefan Krömer was General Manager of Jensen GmbH, a leading manufacturer of high-performance washroom machinery and systems. At a global level, he was simultaneously Head of the Jensen Group’s Washroom Technology division. In the course of his successful career, Stefan Krömer has worked for various international players offering a wide range of engineering solutions. A native of the German state of Lower Saxony, he gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering and subsequently held a number of executive positions with broad responsibility for budgets, personnel and products.

“The engineering industry is my home. Indeed, moving to Romaco Kilian marks my first job in the pharmaceutical sector. It’s new ground and I’m very much looking forward to it.” Yet Stefan Krömer is convinced: “It doesn’t matter what industry you work in – high quality and short delivery times are key priorities for customers everywhere. We’re endeavouring to strengthen and expand Romaco Kilian’s position as a leading international supplier of tableting solutions, and my new role is a chance for me to make a lasting contribution.”

Kilian management restructured

Stefan Krömer’s appointment coincides with the restructuring of the Romaco Kilian management. Jens Carstens, Director Technology at Romaco Kilian GmbH since 2013, has additionally been made responsible for sales and customer service. He has been a Romaco Kilian employee for nearly 30 years now, amongst other things as Head of the Research & Development department. The new organisational structure will enable Romaco Kilian to focus even more strongly on the market and its customers’ desire for innovative but workable technologies.

“If you want to be successful at acquiring and realising customer projects, it’s enormously important to have technical and commercial departments that work together very closely”, Jörg Pieper, CEO Romaco Group, concluded. “That’s why we decided to merge these two areas of responsibility at Romaco Kilian into one. Jens Carstens at the head is the ideal choice. At the interface between markets and technologies, he can reconcile different interests better than anyone else I know.”

Stefan Krömer, Managing Director of Romaco Kilian GmbH

Jens Carstens, Managing Director of Romaco Kilian GmbH

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