Training at Romaco in the corona year 2020

Career start for trainees and dual students

Thirteen trainees have begun their professional career at Romaco this year. The pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer currently employs 34 trainees in total at its sites in Karlsruhe and Cologne.

Thirteen new trainees have just joined Romaco. The new recruits this year include eight future industrial mechanics, mechatronics fitters, technical product designers and machinists. Romaco will also provide training to cooperative state university students (“dual students”) in the fields of engineering and business administration. In  the  2020/21  winter  semester,  five  undergraduates  chose  Romaco  as  their  partner firm as they get started on the path to a bachelor’s degree.

“I’m  very  happy  that, even in  this  year  of  the  pandemic,  our  stable  economic  situation allows us to fill all our training places as planned”, emphasised Andreas Wolfangel, Group Director HR & Legal at Romaco. “For Romaco, a steady stream of new apprentices and dual students represents a sustainable investment in our organisation’s competitiveness and innovative capability.”

Romaco currently employs 34 trainees in total at its production sites in Karlsruhe and Cologne. All graduates are taken on permanently by Romaco after completing their training or degree course. There are also opportunities for more new industrial business    management    assistants,    electronics    technicians    for    industrial    engineering,   industrial   mechanics,   mechatronics   fitters,   skilled   warehouse   operators and machinists to begin training in 2021 in Karlsruhe and Cologne. At the  Romaco  Kilian  site  in  Cologne,  tablet  presses  for  pharmaceutical,  food  and  chemical  products  are  manufactured.  Romaco  Pharmatechnik  GmbH,  based  in  Karlsruhe, builds machinery and equipment for packing tablets and capsules into blisters, strips and rigid tubes.

With  an  export  rate  of  more  than  90%,  the  pharmaceutical  machinery  supplier  offers career entrants a truly international environment. Over 12,000 installations elivered  by  Romaco  are  currently  in  use  in  more  than  180  different  countries.  These sales  markets  throughout  the  globe  demand  close  cooperation  with  colleagues  and  customers  in  many  different  countries. A  special  in-house  event  was  therefore  held  for  all  new  trainees  from  Karlsruhe  and  Cologne  by  way  of  introduction.  During  this  two-day  workshop,  social  and  intercultural  skills  were  taught in theory and trained in practice.

Assuming their performance comes up to expectations, excellent career prospects await Romaco employees, including promotion to team leader with responsibility for  personnel.  Romaco  also  supports  its  former  trainees  and  students  with  openings  for  further  training,  for  example  leading  to  a  master  craftsman’s  qualification.

Romaco trainees from Karlsruhe and Cologne: the class of 2020

Andreas Wolfangel, Group Director HR & Legal at Romaco

Romaco is committed to sustainable production with its technologies